Communication is the foundation of any great relationship. That’s why listening is so important- and it’s the key to SoundOff Colorado’s mission! We believe that any event, no matter the size, is an opportunity to grow your community and connect with those around you.

Use SoundOff Wireless Headphone Technology at your event to strengthen communication with your community members. Our multi- channel headphones give you the opportunity to offer something for everyone, or keep focus on the main event; all with optimized sound and individual volume control for a premium audio experience for each person.

SOUND OFF programs

Mindful Movement

This guided session uses wireless Sound Off™ headphones to connect with participants and zero in on the participation at hand. External distractions are eliminated as only the music and instructor’s voice are heard through the headphones. Each session is an exciting and captivating experience that’s tailored to different abilities and needs.

Keynote Speaker

Our speakers/coaches are passionate about inspiring others and giving them the tools they need to navigate and succeed in everyday challenges. Sound Off™ Keynote Speakers/Life Coaches connect with the audience on a deeper level, using the Sound Off™ headphones to capture their undivided attention. Our speakers/coaches are passionate about inspiring others and giving them the tools they need to navigate and succeed in everyday challenges.

Youth Fitness

Youth Fitness by Sound Off™ is an interactive exercise class that will open hearts, pump up metabolisms, and stretch muscles. Sessions are designed to be fun, stress-free, educational, motivational, and gentle on the mind and body. Studies show that mindfulness exercising can offer psychological benefits for children by reducing stress and anxiety and improving focus, memory, self-esteem, academic performance, and classroom behavior.

Faculty Training

Sound Off™ Faculty Training is a program tailored for teachers and administrators covering topics like communication, mental health, fitness, nutrition, and other subjects to sustain overall wellbeing.
The practice of mindfulness will help teachers develop social-emotional skills, which is proven to be a great tool when dealing with stressful situations in their classrooms.


Distractions are eliminated so that practitioners can truly disconnect from the outside world and focus on what’s going on inside the mind and heart.
Clinical studies have shown that mindful awareness exercises reduce anxiety and improve students’ grades and attention spans in school, create more peaceful classrooms by improving relationships between students, and assist in better learning for children with conditions like ADHD and autism.

Silent Disco

Silent Disco is a special event where people dance to amplified music streamed through our noise-isolating, LED headphones. Without headphones, the music cannot be heard. This one-of-a-kind sound experience is a hit at school dances! With our Multi-Channel Technology, you can stream up to three playlists simultaneously- something for everyone! 


Sound Off™ will provide a base team of fully trained technicians for all events. This includes (1) manager, (1) audio technician, and fitness/yoga instructor(s).

Sound Off™ will provide headphones, microphones with batteries, transmitters, receivers, audio mixers, table and manage headphone distribution, as well as facilitate in the collaboration with event producers, instructors, etc.

Sound Off™ will be responsible for transportation of all sound equipment as well as complete setup and breakdown of audio components.

Audio technicians will outfit all event personnel with microphones and provide instructions on basic microphone function + full assistance as needed.

Sound Off™ shall be responsible for ensuring proper sound check completion prior to student or faculty arrival.

Sound Off™ will have capabilities to service the designated areas of the event.
Audio technicians on staff will aid in the transition of sound equipment being properly cleaned and placed to help expedite process of change over.

Client may be asked to provide volunteer staff for scheduled events.

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