SoundOff Experience started in New York as a wireless radio frequency headphone company powering silent discos and providing audio for events all over the city.

Phil Galaviz is a DJ and audio engineer- he's been a regular on the Denver music scene for over two decades. When his friend started SoundOff Experience, Phil knew that the people of Denver would absolutely love this technology. Although he and his team are absolutely the life of the party, in true Denver fashion SoundOff Colorado soon began partnering with local yoga and fitness studios to power sound for popup classes. Working with kids led Phil to bring SoundOff headphones to youth wellness classes, dances, and after school fitness programs, while relationships with local fitness studios grew into city-hosted health and wellness festivals like Fit Fest and Fit & Fold.  

SoundOff Colorado has expanded to work with Wanderlust,
GoPro Mountain Game Yoga, and Arise Music Festival, but Phil's heart remains rooted in hosting small events in his local community. His goal for the Denver wellness community is focused on individual personal wellness. SoundOff Colorado partners with both local and nationwide health + wellness companies to sponsor local and micro events, which are often free to the public or neighborhood residents.
 Phil hopes he and his team can empower people with the tools and practices to take the lead on their own wellness journeys, regardless of age, background, or income.